Half Italian and Half Salvadorian? Well that already got my cock working full time.

It’s a great thing Bella got her booty from the Latina side as she just drove me absolutely crazy when she jiggled that big ass for me. She lifted her red shirt and showed me those big boobs she got hiding under there.

No surprise here as she has no bra on. And let me tell you about that money printed hot pants she got wearing because they are absolutely perfect, because the way she was twerking that juicy big ass of her, this babe is definitely going to make it rain.

I could not take all that teasing anymore as I had to stop all my ass worship and start some ass and pussy licking. I dug my tongue in deep that teasing cunt and cleaned that back hole for an intense asslick.

I took off my pants and Bella just went down on me so fast. I have to admit; this brunette bitch does a mean blowjob as I started thrusting my hardness all the way inside her mouth.

She starts furiously gripping my shaft for a good handjob and gives me another cum sucking deepthroat blowjob. I then told her to squeeze all that cock in between her large tits and give me a tight tittyfuck.

This bedroom is heating up fast as I grabbed those big boobs hard and tittyfucked the hell out of my pole.  I finally take off her panties, and now she is fully naked except for those sexy black heels she has on as I prepare her for another wet and wild pussy licking.

I knew this slut is already ripe for the picking, so I positioned my cock tip in between her legs and slowly entered my meat inch by inch until everything was in. I then grabbed some of that black hair and start to get a bit vicious with my pumping.

Ma, the walls of this bedroom must be wailing as this sexy bitch moans loudly and wildly. I grab her neck and start pounding harder and harder. I then start drilling her reverse cowgirl style and start pumping all her petite frame up and down my man meat.

I pump her so hard that her ass cheeks is getting all red from the force of my  thrusts. I then told this to get on all fours so I could start ramming her away doggystyle. I give her a little spanking while my entire cock forcefully plunders her sweet snatch.

Man this shaved European snatch are just too much as I withdrew and just sprayed her with a good facial.

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