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This pussy play Pure 18 movie is probably the best thing I've seen on film since the time I saw The Tree of Life in theaters. I mean, this chick in this movie has such a sweet, pink pussy that I could stare at it all day and not get tired of it. I'm really glad that babes like these are doing porn because they just look so hot whenever a large beefstick gets stuck into their hot, wet members. If you like to watch porn such as this one or our classic Hot Babe Masturbating Beautiful Pink Pussy Video, then you really don't have an excuse not to sign up for Pure 18 right now!

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We here at Free Pure 18 porn are always about catching the newest and hottest porn stars, and in the case of Zarena Summers, she's so new to the scene that she's barely been in any porn movies! Not that you can tell by the absolute pro job she does at fucking on film. I just love the way she slides her super tight pussy down the shaft of this dude with the gigantic cock. It's so incredible that the first time I saw it, I broke out into tears. If you only see one porn movie this year, you better make it this one.

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One of the other things I love about Zarena Summers is the fact that she has such a lithe, beautiful body. She has that innocent-but-naughty-underneath it all look that reminds me a lot of that other classic Pure 18 porn star Jodi Taylor, especially in the way that both of these chicks are so great at giving head. I don't know where that type of talent comes from, but I really hope that more chicks take a page from these babes' playbook!

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Today here at the official Reality Kings blog, we're kicking off this lovely Tuesday morning with some free Pure 18 videos of the one and only Jodi Taylor. She's in this new episode of Pure 18 called "Cheery Popping Teen" and it features this super hot 18-year-old babe losing her porn virginity right on camera! Of course, you wouldn't know it by the utter skill that this chick has in the bedroom - and the confidence and charisma she has on camera!

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I think my favorite part of this Jodi Taylor porn video is the part where she spreads her legs wide for the first time ever on video, and shows the entire world her sweet, luscious, tight pussy. I didn't even know that God constructed babes this hot! But they do, and we have this super hot Pure 18 video as video proof! Check it out by signing up for Reality Kings today!


There is just so much munching in this episode of Pure 18, that you would swear that you where watching a game of pac man or something! This Free Pure 18 episode called "Pussy Munching" features a teen who gets her pussy munched so hard that she cums her everliving brains out! Man, I have never seen a chick with as juicy of a vagina as this one. It's so wet that we had to mop up after her when we were done with the set! We certainly lost our deposit after it was over, which is a pity. Anyways, watch this super awesome teen ass video right now!

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And once again, we close our week here at the Reality Kings blog with a real knock-out porn video. This time around, it's a Pure 18 video that goes by the name "Sweet Lia" that features a beautiful teen ass that is so beautiful that you could serve it for Thanksgiving dinner without any real protest from the family. Maybe your grandma would have a problem with it, but everybody else should find things to be fine. Certainly would be a more interesting centerpiece than the usual lame floral arrangement.

I love this teen porn movie so much probably because it is just so lusty and hot. Right from the first frame, it starts off with this really hot chick named Lia just laying on her bed all sprawled out and naked. Apparently, her parents are gone for the weekend and so she calls in the family's gardner for a little bed room exercise. What follows is a non-stop intense fuck fest the likes of which the world has never seen!

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NAME: Mimi Rayne
AKA: Mimi Rae
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
TATTOOS: "Blessed" on right forearm

We are giving Pure 18 porn star Mimi Rayne a big welcome to the porn industry today by making her soon-to-be-classic episode "Jizz and Juicy" our featured video of the week! This chick hasn't been on the porn scene for too long (she is just 18, for God's sake) but already she is taking the world by storm! And you can't blame her, when you consider her incredible body, ridiculous stamina, and enviable talent in the bedroom!

Standing at 5'5'' and with the measurements 32A-23-30, Mimi Ryane is one of those babes who has a whole lot of stuff in one tiny little package. I think my favorite part of the video that she did for us was the time when she took it straight up the ass, and then turned around and gave a ridiculously good smile for the camera. Honestly, it's heart-warming moments like that that make me fall in love with the porn industry all over again.

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I just can't get enough of watching this video. Each frame of this movie is oozing with sensuality and eroticism. It's like the essence of sex was squeezed like a wet towel and thrown onto every frame of this film or something! Check it out today, if you like your porn to be raunchy, dirty, and oh-so-right!


NAME: Alexis Ford
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue
HEIGHT: 5'6''

The sexy blonde Alexis Ford has really knocked this latest episode of Free Pure 18 Videos out of the park! This chick starts off the porn video shoving her lusty fingers deep into her amazing pussy, and before it's all over she's bent over and taking it up the ass doggy style! Man, I love to watch really hot chicks do the nasty in this way...I wish that all of them would try it at least once!

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This chick is probably one of the best things to happen to teen porn sine that one huge ass teen porn star took the world by storm! As Penthouse Pet of the Month for June 2012, this chick has nowhere to go but up! Be sure to keep a look out for her, as she's up for anything - hardcore, softcore, stills, store signings, fashion shows and so much more!

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This chick is really built for the road ahead! I just love watching her tight little 32D-24-32 body fuck back and forth on top of another beautiful body. I really hope to see her in more porn videos in the future, because the stuff that she has done for Reality Kings is just not enough! Check her out today!


I'm hung over right now, my babe left me just the other day, and my cat has fleas but I'm all smiles right now because today on Reality Kings we are proud to present to you some free Pure 18 redhead porn video footage! This chick in this video is so incredibly hot that I have an erection in my pants right now just thinking about her! In this brand-new Pure 18 episode, this super hot red head babe takes off all of her clothes and shows the world that just because she's 18 doesn't mean that she doesn't know a thing or two about sex.

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My favorite part of this whole video is when she takes off her shirt for the first time and shows everybody those luscious, beautiful breasts of hers. Boy, howdy...could I spend all day staring at those, and I might just do that! Chicks as hot as these only come around once in a while, and so you better soak up in the beauty when they come around!

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NAME: Jenna Ross
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Black

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Jenna Ross is new the the porn day, and so I thought that I would help get her some attention by making her our featured porn star of the day! This chick is the star of the latest Pure 18 update, and I have to honestly say that I absolutely love seeing her naked and doing all of her nasty shit. It's like watching a great artist do their work or something.

This chick has only started doing porn back in 2011, but that doesn't meant that she's pretty fucking awesome when it comes to making videos. In fact, this chick's so good that she has already broke the Free Ones top 1,000 list! That's quite a feat, I'll tell you that! I certainly could never pull that off.

This chick has an incredible 32C-25-34 body (along with all-natural breasts) that you just can't tear your eyes away from. Seeing her work all of her nasty shit in the bed room is an act that is so sexy that I have an erection right now just from writing about it. If you want to see this Boston, MA native's work right now then join up with Reality Kings today!

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Man, this chick in this video JUST turned 18 and already she started doing porn. Personally, I find that to be hot as hell which is why I made this barely legal pussy video our featured video of the day on Reality Kings tube. This chick might be pretty young, but you can tell that she's totally nasty in bed. That grin on her face when a big dick goes deep inside of her just makes me feel so good.

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