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What we have in store for you today here at the official Reality Kings blog is a real special treat. It's this episode of Money Talks called "Scooter Cooter" and it features some horny, sloppy sex which is so hot that it should be enough to keep you satisfied for an entire month! The way that these porn stars fuck 100% REAL amateur babes is just so utterly sexy that I have an erection from just thinking about it!

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My favorite thing about this entire Money Talks porn is the way that these chicks get away with having sex in nearly every public place that you can imagine! It'd take too long for me to give you an extensive list, so I'll just tell you this; if you ever take a trip down to Miami, make sure you bring a lot of anti-bacterial soap! Check out this creampie virgin movie right now, only at Reality Kings!

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Ok, all of you crazy porn hogs...I want you to keep this blog post under your belt. If my bosses find out that I gave you this sneak peak of the newest Money Talks video "Money Makers," they'll probably have my asshole eaten inside out. But I'm doing this because I love all of you and believe that the output of production should be distributed freely amongst the people. I know, I'm just that kind of guy.

Anyways, now that I've established that you should keep this post on the down low, let me tell you about this episode; It's called "Money Makers" and features one of the worst cases of blow job mania that I have ever seen in my entire life! These chicks are just utter FREAKS when it comes to just how much they crave the cocks, and I love them so much for that fact. You should see the scenes where this one dude gets a TRIPLE blow job hammered onto him! It's so fucking hot that I can't believe it!

If you want to see a whole bunch of three way porn, then you couldn't do a whole lot worse than this episode of Money Talks. Like every episode of Money Talks, it brings you the best in humor and weird porn. Honestly, I think it's my favorite part of the Reality Kings network, which is why I'm sharing it with you today!

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I love watching this blow job mania video. It comes from a Money Talks episode called Money Matters, and it basically has everything you've come to expect from the Money Talks family of films. Right from the start, it has this super hot babe with big tits fondling a rock-hard cock...only in the weird Money Talks way they make porn, this rock-hard cock is all painted funny! I don't know how these twisted minds keep thinking up these mad-cap sex ideas, but I just fucking love it!

My favorite part of this entire sloppy hispanic fuck film is the scene where three babes who the Money Talks crew find randomly at some hispanic market get talked into taking off all of their clothes right there in the market! Who'd guess that these chicks would have no shame when it comes to baring it all in public? I certainly wouldn't of guessed that, but at the same time I just love that fact!

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Anyways, that's all I have to say about this particular episode. It's a part of the Money Talks family, but we offer a lot more than that here at Reality Kings. We have this special deal going on right now where you just pay $1, and you get access to every single video we have...I suggest that you take advantage today if you like what we've got!


Have you had a chance to see this hot dildo porn on the Money Talks video Pussy Peek yet? If not, you should know that it's pretty hot and totally worth checking out. I think my favorite part of the whole video is the whole scene in which the Money Talks crew takes this weird, I guess? And dares some 100% real babes to take a ride on it! You've never seen chicks more weirded out, or turned on! Check out this hot dildo porn on the Money Talks episode "Pussy Peak" right now!

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Man, looking at this deep throat porn on the Money Talks episode "Not So Flat" just depresses the shit out of me. Why? Because I don't think I'll ever see anything this sexy ever again. I feel as if I have finally peaked when it comes to my porn-viewing career! What do I do now? I just can't go back to looking at other porn videos, even the ones that are as hot as the ones that you would find on The Reality Kings network.

Of course, this video offers a whole bunch more than just really sexy deep throat footage, it also has video of average, off-the-street babes taking off all of their clothes for cash and doing the WEIRDEST things you have seen in your entire life. I'm talking about straight-out-for-Mars weird shit, like sitting on a sybian right in the middle of a busy parkway. It's really fucking intense!

I hate to say it, but I honestly think that you should sit out on this porn and just avoid it all together. It is so perfect and super-sexy that it will ruin all of the other porn in the world, just like what happened to me. If you consider yourself a brave person, and want to push yourself to the limits of porn you should go ahead but don't say that I didn't warn you!

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