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Hey porn hounds, what are you in the mood for? Myself, I can go for some sweet Brazilian pussy and luckily for me (and maybe you, depending on your taste) you can get some by watching this brand new episode of Mike in Brazil called "Midnight Nookie." Normally, you don't see a lot of porn movies shot at the night time, but this one is an exception. Sure, it's well-lit enough, but we just wanted to capture this hot Hispanic babe during the time of the day when she craves the cock the most! Check it out today!


I'm feeling very alliterative at the moment, so for our Reality Kings update today I am going to bring you this really hot Mike in Brazil porn featuring a blond Brazilian babe who is so much of a firecracker in the bedroom that she comes with a warning to keep away from open flames! I just love watching this chick go down on dudes, and especially love the way that she pays that close special attention to the balls. It's the attention to detail like that that separates the amateurs from the geniuses, from Rembrant to Disney right down to this chick.

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Hooooly shit, these hot Hispanic babes that we have for you today on Reality Kings today are so out of this world that I would more likely believe that they came from Mars than from Cuba or anywhere further South. These chicks come from the latest free Mike in Brazil episode that we have available on our site, and the things they do with their sweet, juicy pussies are just so incredible that it will destroy your mind trying to understand it all.

The action in this video is a lot like this one 8th Street Latinas hispanic pussy video that we did a while back, especially for the fact that both video ends in earth-shattering orgasms. If any of this intriges you (and it should), I highly suggest that you sign up for Reality Kings today!

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We have to hand it to those crazy bastards working for Mike in Brazil, they manage to cram more horny Brazilian babes into their movies than I would think would be humanly possible. I mean, we first learned that with that hot Brazilian tossed salad video we did a while back, and this video only solidifies that idea!

The latest episode that we have is this one called "So Amazing" in which this one chicha shakes her booty until her booty can't take any more! Her ass is so curvy that you couldn't drive on it, and I love that fact. Watch her take a creampie deep inside of her sweet, tight pussy is one of the best things that I have ever see on this site! Check it out today if you are a fan of super-hot porn movies!

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Mike in Brazil porn star Manuela Amorina might be new to the whole "making porn" thing, but with this episode called "Play Time", she really hits things out of the park. Right from the start of this episode, this chick is on her knees sucking some really hot dick, and things only get better from that point on.

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I really love chicks like Manuela Amorina because her pussy gets so juicy during sex, that you really need to paint a "CAUTION: WET FLOOR" sign to her ass in order to make sure that nobody in tow of her slips and falls. And of course, with that huge Latina ass of hers, this chick has quite a few folks following close behind her all of the time!

My favorite part of this entire video is when the chick takes her 32A-22-33 body and rocks up and down on the dude's rock-hard cock. By the time she came, this chick was shaking so much that I thought that she might vibrate into another universe or something! I'm talking about fucking on a quantum level here, people!

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