February, 2017


Destinee Jackson and Kay Love is back at it again in this Round and Brown Booty Bargain video. These two big assed ebony ladies are showing off some ass shaking and booty grinding for your dick’s pleasure.

You will surely get hot, horny, and ready for some action when you see how scantily clad in a teeny bikini these two pussies were.

This video will show you a lot of bouncing ass, some pussy grinding, ass slapping, and boob groping between these two.

Just when you start thinking about how good it will be to fuck the shaved hot pussies of Destinee and Kay, your dick will be even harder when you see them lick each other’s wet and dripping pussy.

Bruno, our horny hero, then comes in the scene readily squeezing the life out of the bouncy, round and brown asses of these two sexy ladies. He slapped those juicy booties so hard that both ladies were moaning in sweet erotic pleasure.

Destinee and Kay wanted Bruno’s dick so badly that they happy no time in undressing him, exposing his big waiting cock to them.

You better believe that Bruno’s pussy destroying dick is ready to explode with a tidal wave of hot cum.  Both ladies were pleased with what they saw and proceeded to lick his hard cock.

Talk about sharing and caring! And these two know that there is enough of Bruno’s horny dick to last the night for both of them.What comes next, or should I say cum next? Of course the ladies finally get the pounding Bruno’s massive shaft so desperately craves.

Watch as our stud hammers away on one of our black hotties while the other watches while playing with her fuck starved pussy while waiting for her turn to get pounded by Bruno’s cum rod.

See Destinee bounce up and down like an out of control jackhammer on Bruno’s dick as she gets fucked balls deep. These two are in for a long night with Bruno’s hard dick showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Destinee and Kay are going to have sore pussies in the morning when Bruno is through with them.  Don’t you wish you can pound their sweet juice soaked pussies until you cum too?

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