May, 2012


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When super hot Asian porn star Jayden Lee fucks on camera, you can tell she's really into it. In a recent interview, somebody asked her why she's in the porn industry and she responded, quite bluntly, "well i love sex so it wasn’t a hard decision." It's that kind of straight-forwardness that makes Jayden Lee such a great porn star - this chick just is all about the sex and nothing frills and all thrills.

This hot Asian babe is pretty new to the porn industry, first working back in 2011 but since then she has really racked up quite the filmography. Her latest porn, a Cum Fiesta episode titled "I Dream of Jayden" is perhaps the best thing that she's ever done...just the way that she rides on a steel-hard dick until cum shoots all inside of it is so hot that I have an erection right now just thinking about it.

Jayden Lee has an incredible body, with her 34C-30-33 measurements and her red-wood legs that bring her all the way up to standing at 5'7'' tall. I just can't get enough of watching her do her stuff, whatever it's doing anal, sucking dick, fucking black guys and everything in between! Check her out today!

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NAME: Leena Sky
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue

We have a brand new porn video for you today on MILF Hunter, along with a babe who is brand new to the porn industry! Her name is Leena Sky, and she's one of those chicks who just can't get enough of the dick! Watching her fuck in her porn debut, you would swear that she has been fucking on camera for years! This MILF wonder is a force to be reckoned with, that's for sure!

I have to say, if you like great porn you absolutely need to see this "Busy Body" episode of MILF Hunter. Like all MILF Hunter episodes lately, not only does it feature some super hot porn and a hot babe getting fucked the right way, but it's shot pretty incredibly. It looks like the crazy crew over at the MILF Hunter offices are really taking the helm at the whole "Art Porn" movement.

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You should really check out this new MILF Hunter episode "Busy Body" today. It's just so sexy and fun to watch that it blows my mind. Never before have I seen a hot MILF suck dick so greedily as Leena Sky does. Man, keep an eye on this chick because she's really going places!

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I know it seems hard to top the last Mike's Apartment video that we did, but for today's update, we're showing off the latest Mike's Apartment video, which turns out to be a pretty decent anal penetration porn video. Actually, scratch that, it turns out to be a pretty incredible anal penetration porn video! The hot Euro babe in this one loves to squirm and moan whenever a rock-hard cock enters into her chocolate starfish, and it makes for some really entertaining porn to watch.

That's what I love so much about Mike's Apartment...the fact that you get to see so many chicks from the other side of the pond. Normally, you don't see babes who are as nasty and willing to do anything here on the States. Sure, there are plenty of nasty babes...but none that are that special kind of Eastern Europe kind of nasty. What makes chicks from Soviet Bloc countries so greedy for the cock? I haven't studied enough Cold War history to know, to be honest.

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Check out this movie today, it's super hot, features a hot babe, and probably some of the bestest sex that I have seen in the longest while on a porn site. You'd be a fool to pass this one up... and you'll probably regret it for the rest of your life if you don't watch it now, so sign up for Reality Kings today!


I was wondering what we should should today on the blog to start off this week of Reality Kings greatness, and this brand-new Big Natural video called "Breast Buddies" just happened to serendipitously pop in my inbox. After watching the entire thing, I knew that this video, with it's hot blowjob threesome just had to be our featured porn of the week. I mean, it's just way to incredible for me to wrap my head around!

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In this video, we have not just one but TWO super hot curvy babes stripping down to their birthday suits and giving this one guy a blow job of a lifetime. Seeing both of these chicks look up and smile while sucking this guy off is probably one of the best things I have seen in porn all month. A close second is the totally nasty thing they do to each other right after he cums!

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I guess that's what you get when you watch a Big Naturals porn video - hot as hell babes with curvy bodies, a great shot of hot sex and an erection. I'm glad that I subscribed to the site so long ago, and you'll be glad if you subscribe to it check it out! Subscriptions are now just $1!


I'm hung over right now, my babe left me just the other day, and my cat has fleas but I'm all smiles right now because today on Reality Kings we are proud to present to you some free Pure 18 redhead porn video footage! This chick in this video is so incredibly hot that I have an erection in my pants right now just thinking about her! In this brand-new Pure 18 episode, this super hot red head babe takes off all of her clothes and shows the world that just because she's 18 doesn't mean that she doesn't know a thing or two about sex.

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My favorite part of this whole video is when she takes off her shirt for the first time and shows everybody those luscious, beautiful breasts of hers. Boy, howdy...could I spend all day staring at those, and I might just do that! Chicks as hot as these only come around once in a while, and so you better soak up in the beauty when they come around!

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Since the last time we showed you hot video previews of a spread eagle Asian babe on Reality Kings, we got a shit load of fan mail asking us to show even more of this hot, sexy stuff so today we decided to do you a favor and give you a really hot preview of the newest episode of Free Cum Fiesta Videos!

In this video, this super hot Asian babe takes off all of her clothes, showing the world her sexy, tight little body. She then doesn't waste any time choking on the dick of this dude with a gigantic cock! She then pulls her mouth off of the dick and proceeds to wrap her tight little pussy around that gigantic cock, and you can tell that doing this really turns her on just because she's so fucking wet! I haven't seen anything as hot as this video in a really long time, so check it out today!

I really like this chick in this video just because she has that type of body that you can fantasize about all day long. She has cute B-cup breasts, an ass so tight that it could keep a government secret, and smooth legs that you just want to rub all night...or at least rub one out to! You can check out this video today for a super low price thanks to our brand new $1 porn subscription offer, only for Reality Kings!

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If you always wanted to see the lesbian porn that Sasha Grey did for Reality Kings, then you tuned into our site at the right time! Sasha doesn't do porn anymore - she moved on to "straight" acting gigs like on Entourage and that Steven Soderbergh film - but that doesn't mean that you can't revisit all of her super hot videos all the time! In this particular video, you get to see Sasha as she doubles up with another hot babe to give this one porn star dude a night that he won't forget.

Sasha Grey is great because she's basically up for doing anything and everything in porn. In fact, that's how she got her start in the porn world - she shot an email to a top porn agent telling them everything that she was up for doing and she instantly got a top porn contract just for the fact that she's up for doing nasty, naughty things! I think that fact makes her great, and the fact that she's so intellectual about fact, she got her pornstar name from a Goddard film!

With Reality Kings, you get your chance to see all of the top porn stars dispersed throughout our site. Basically every top name in porn has graced our videos, and we couldn't be more proud! Of course, not only that but we also have a steady stream of 100% real, natural babes doing our videos as well. I guess you could say that we have the best of both worlds! Check out these videos today, only at Reality Kings!

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